Product Spotlight: CBD by Devoted Herbal Line

Tanning is now catching the CBD craze! As devotees of the Devoted Creations line, we were excited to bring on the launch of their new #CBD infused lotions from the Devoted Herbal line, and we are here to tell you why this stuff is AMAZING.

So what is CBD?

#Cannabidiol aka CBD is an active ingredient directly derived from the help plant. Studies have shown that CBD has helped alleviate many symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, promote relaxation, and boost mood!

Devoted Herbal CBD Tanning Lotion...

... not only contains 200 mg of Cannabidiol, but also does SO MUCH MORE! Which is why we love it. In addition to the CBD, this lotion also:

1. Breaks tanning plateaus with added intensifiers and accelerators for natural dark tanning results

2. Promotes anti-aging with ingredients such as #Hyaluronic Acid (collagen boosting), Advanced #Matrixyl Synthe 6 (powerful anti-aging peptides reducing fine lines/wrinkles)

3. Combats acne and regulates oil production with tea tree oil and ginger root extract

4. Works great with Red Light Therapy due to it's pH balancing Blend

5. Softens skin with coconut, hemp and lavender oils

Devoted Herbal CBD Infused Moisturizer

In addition to a tanning lotion, Devoted came out with a CBD infused moisturizer for ultimate hydration. Some of it's key benefits include:

1. Anti-aging properties with Hyaluronic Acid (collagen boosting), Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 (powerful anti-aging peptides reducing fine lines/wrinkles)

2. Post Tanning/Red Light maintenance with a formulated pH balancing blend.

3. Acne/Oil Control with ginger root and tea tree oil

4. Promotes relaxation with Essential Oil blend from mint, citrus, lavender and coconut

Add these two new products to your #tanning or red light therapy regimens for boosted results! Bottles are now available at all Tiki Image locations, or try out a session with a single-use packet. They truly are your best tanning buds 😉

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