Oh Hey, Hybrid! Everything You Need to Know about Hybrid S

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

If you dream of getting that vacation bronze year round, get whisked away on a tropical experience with the most elite tanning bed on the market! Tiki Image’s Hybrid S combines both red light therapy and tanning for faster, darker results. This luxurious bed, surrounded in softly, glowing colored lights brings your tan to the next level in only 10 minutes!

How does adding red light benefit?

Using Red Light with tanning produces a better tan through increased oxidation of melanin. Combining these sessions can require less sun exposure and a darker tan. Red Light has reported to help build a base tan for those who have a harder time reaching their desired tan.

Tan your way – 3 Level of Tan!

The Hybrid S offers 3 settings for tanning. The Basic setting allows for both equal parts UV-A and UV-B, producing a balanced effect. Mediterranean (MEDIT) produces a higher proportion of UV-A, resulting in quicker tan. This is great when having an already established base tan. Lastly Caribic setting utilizes more UV-B rays to help penetrate deeper, producing a richer, longer lasting tan.

Head into Vacay Mode

Feel like you’re in paradise with tropical settings such as aromatherapy and AquaCool. Sweet, warm aromas of coconut and lavender lightly disperse through your session, promoting calming effects. Cool down during your session with, AquaCool light misters. Also, for a comfortable experience, turn on the air conditioning (AIRCON). No need to sweat!

Pump Up the Jams

The Hybrid S also allows you to customize the output of your music. Choose from preset studio music, or plug in your favorite tunes with our MPC3 headphone jack or Bluetooth connectivity!

Come try out your dream bed today! Learn more at tikiimage.com/hybridseries

The Hybrid S is available at the Ocean, West Long Branch, Sea Girt and Wall Tiki Locations.

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