Need a Lift? My Lash Lift Obsession

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

We've been there, watching these ladies (or men) have beautiful, luscious lashes. Maybe they're falsies, maybe extensions.. either way we know ourselves best. If you're like me, my poor eyes couldn't handle the fabulousity of lash extensions. As much as I wanted them to work out, I played with them, pulled at them, neglected their maintenance, everything. So off they went.

Then I was introduced to #lashlifts and oh-my-god (Janice from Friends voice). This was what I've been waiting for! It's pretty much a light (but durable) perm for your #lashes. So let me give you the low down that is really uplifting...

The Beautiful Benefits

  • In and out in under an hour. Lash lift appointments are usually around 45 minutes.

  • The beds were so comfortable, soft velvet-like linens made it feel like I was on a cloud.

  • Irritation free! I have super sensitive eyes to the lash glue used with lash extensions, so I was a bit nervous here. I was so excited to say, I had zero irritation. (*contact users.. take them out)

  • I swam in the ocean and pool, went to the gym, ran outside, biked, hiked... sweat and they stayed up and glamorous.

  • No maintenance or retouch for 5 weeks! Weeks 5-8 started to creep down and tint faded, so I would recommend a monthly maintenance if you want to have the full lift.

  • My lash artist was personable, friendly and took me through every step... So I'll share with you!

Lash Lift Breakdown

  1. Laying down the lashes. She laid down the bottom lashes with lash pads. I have stubborn lashes so this was entertaining to get those suckers to stay put.

  2. Sizing and Sticking of Lash Molding. She figured out the best lash mold for my length of natural lashes. Then she pressed each into the mold to hold shape. (Don't worry this sounds uncomfortable but trust me, it wasn't at all) The mold is a soft gel-like pad.

  3. Applying Perm Solution. This is where the magic happens! This solution lifts and holds the lashes. Okay so this doesn't smell like roses, but its not that bad. If you have ever had a hair treatment, it's sort of like that.

  4. Applying Tint (Optional.. but who wouldn't get this?!) GOODBYE mascara. Seriously.. I tried my lift with mascara and with a tint. The tint gives that "wow" factor. It keeps the lashes long, beautiful and dark without the clumpiness of a mascara.

  5. Setting Solution. The final step was to set these bad boys and it works wonders. My Lashes held for almost 7 weeks!!

At Tiki Image, lash lifts are offered at the Wall and Sea Girt Location by certified lash artists. First time lash lift start at $89.99 (a $125 Value). Learn more about our lash lifts at

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