Unwanted Tan Lines? Uneven Skin Tones? No More!

With summer slowly coming to an end, I’m sure we can all agree that one thing we won’t miss are our tan lines! Whether you are dark-skinned or light-skinned, it is possible for you to develop uneven areas of tan after a long summer of being out in the sun. Since no one likes rocking a farmer’s tan or having legs that look like they haven’t seen the sun in years, here are some of our tips for avoiding uneven tanning and getting that full coverage glow.


Whether you are tanning indoors or outdoors, exfoliation is key. Properly exfoliating multiple times a week will prepare your skin by smoothing away dead skin and reducing bad tan lines from forming. Use the Right Tanning Lotion

With so many products to choose from, finding the right lotion and color protector is important for the quality of your tan. Bronzing lotions are formulated with antioxidants and nourishing vitamins to hydrate, darken and prolong your color. Applying a tan enhancer that also works as a color corrector can fix any skin imperfections.

Locking in Moisture Post Tan

After your skin has been exposed to the sun, give it that extra hydration it needs. Many products contain natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, to detoxify and keep your skin feeling ultra-soft. Aloe Vera is known to reduce pigmentation and other powerful benefits.

Apply Sunless Tan to Lighter Areas

In the case where one arm may be darker than the other and you are in need for a quick fix, there is always sunless tanner. Self-tanning products can be used in the areas that appear to be lighter. Applying sunless tanner to tan lines with help maintain a steady color. With various options available, you can also choose sunless spray tanning. Get a beautiful, sun-kissed glow every time with a professional airbrush session or step into our full body VersaSpa booth for the same flawless shade each time.

It’s impossible to avoid tan lines all of the time. With an established skin care routine for your tanning, there are precautions you can take. Knowing that there are ways to limit this from happening, a bronze finish head to toe is achievable!