Prepping for Your Sunless Spray: Explained in GIFs

Want to get the most out of your #sunless session? Then you came to the right place! Welcome to your step by step breakdown on everything you need to know before your professional airbrush OR VersaSpa booth experience.

Prepping your skin before getting a sunless spray tan is probably by far the most important step in achieving a streak-free, smooth, sun-kissed glow. Not only does this set the tone for your skin but it also determines the longevity of your tan.

* Warning, this may seem like a lot but trust us, sunless sprays are as simple as it gets!

** GIFs may be dramatized for humor purposes.


Protect Your Nails

We highly recommend getting a manicure and pedicure before your sunless visit because once you have your spray tan, you are going to want to avoid the soaking, scrubbing, exfoliating, lotions, oils and much more that comes with going to the nail salon. This will help prolong the life of your tan.

Hair Removal

For optimum results, try to wax or shave one day prior to your sunless tanning session. This can help the tan adhere better and go on more evenly.


Clean skin tans best! Shower and exfoliate to remove all makeup, deodorants, lotions, creams and perfumes prior to your session.

Protect Your Skin's PH Levels

Avoid using bar soaps, body wash and moisturizers that contain mineral oil.

Dress Comfortably

Wear loose fitting clothing to your sunless session. Tighter clothes can interfere with your spray tan while it is developing. We recommend dark colored clothes in case your spray tan rubs off on them. Don't worry, this won't stain your clothing.

That's it - you are ready to tan! If it's your first time trying sunless, get excited. #Spray tans give you a flawless, bronzed glow and that is an incredible feeling. But don't just take our word for it, you will see for yourself soon.

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