Top 5 Lotions of 2020 Voted by Tiki Staff

Updated: Mar 13

One of the most exciting days is getting our new stock of tanning lotions! We are constantly on a quest to find the next best and favorite lotion with ultimate bronzing powers! So after the release of the Devoted 2020 line, we set out to find our favs and bring them to you, so here is our countdown.

#5 Maui Mood

"Super tropical smell, feels light on the skin! I feel like I'm on a tropical escape when I put this on!"

Category: Bronzer

Paraben Free

Powerful technology for instant and prolonged tanning results!

Scent/Extracts: Coconut, Hibiscus, Starfruit and Guava

#4 Neon Rose

"Leaves my skin so silky. I love bronzers but I tend to get it everywhere, so Neon Rose is the perfect formula for me!"

Category: Natural Bronzer

Bodyfit-Technology restores firmness

BB-Creme Formula for matte airbrush finish

Advanced Matrixyl- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Scent/Extracts: Rosehip, Hibiscus, Coconut, Strawberry

#3 Black Velvet

"Wow!!! I love how my skin feels after using this! My tans last much longer, and my skin is so soft. You're missing out if you haven't tried Black Velvet!"

Category: Mattifying Black-Bronzer

Color-Correcting Technology

Cellulate Fighting + Toning

Detoxifying Charcoal Extracts

Scent/Extracts: Orchard Noir

#2 Indigo Illusion

"Fresh smell, lightweight lotions that I swear, I'm 3 shades darker after 1 session and absolutely NO orange. Key is to wait 2 days to see best results!"

Category: Blue Color-Correcting Lotion

Collagen simulators

Bodyfit-Technology restores firmness

Advanced Matrixyl- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Scent/Extracts: Fresh Floral

#1 Wild Fling

"Hands down my all-time fav! I get intensely dark after using this. Plus the instant bronzers are amazing for seeing immediate results"

Category: Bronzer

Cocoa Powder Infused

Fruit extracts for antioxidant properties

Caffeine and Green Tea extracts to energize, firm and tighten

Scent/Extracts: Wildberry, Sweet

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