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Nothing gives confidence then the smooth touch with head-to-toe waxing at Tiki Image. Our trained estheticians specialized in both soft and hard full body waxing strive to make your experience as comfortable as possible! Be confident, Be Smooth, Be you!

How Long Does My Hair Need to Be?

Ideally your hair needs to be 1/2″, but no shorter than 1/4". This is roughtly 10 - 14 days after your last shave, depending on how quickly your hair grows back.

How long until my hair will grow back?

This can vary by what part of your body you waxed, and how often you wax the area. We recommend waxing every 4 weeks.

How often should I get a wax?

We recommend every 4 weeks, however depending on area waxed, and how fast your hair typically grows this could vary. Your esthetician and waxing specialist can help give you an ideal time frame upon your appointment.

Is there anything I need to do before or after my appointment?

Yup! Visit our waxing pre/post prep to see best practices for pre/post preparation to get the most out of your waxing session.

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Get the most out of your session with these waxing pre/post prep tips

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