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Find Your Match

How to find the right tanning level for you!

At Tiki Image, we have 100s of beds across our 6 Jersey Shore locations. Let us help you find your best tan! Evaluate your skin type and your tanning bed level.

Level 1 Tanning


Build Your Base

Our level one stand up booth and tanning beds are designed to help you build your base tan.

  • Great for Base Building

  • Lowest Intensity

  • New to tanning? Start here!

Skin Type:  So .. About that.

(Little to No Base)

Great for those who are new to tanning or have light skin tones.


A Natural Glow

Our level two tanning beds and stand up booth are great for those with some established base tan.

  • Great for Base Building

  • Lower Intensity

  • 10 minutes to 15 minute max

Skin Type:  Kinda Saw the Sun

(Light Base Tan)

Base building level designed for those with fairer skin tones.

Tiki Image Level 2 Tanning
Tiki Image Level 2 Tanning
Tiki Image Level 3 Tanning Bed


A Sun-Kissed Tan

Our level three tanning beds and booths are perfect for those with an established base tan, looking to boost color.​

  • Strongest Level 3 bed around

  • Mid Level Intensity

  • Great to build upon base color

Skin Type:  Call Me Sunshine

(Established Base Tan)

Great for average to lighter skin tones to build upon base color. Good starting place for those building upon summer tans.


Perfect Beach Day

Our level four tanning beds and booths are best for those who have well established based tans and a medium skin tone.​

  • Deepen color

  • Higher Intensity

  • Maintain boldest bronze

Skin Type:  I Own Golden Hour

(Building Up to Darker Color)

Builds deeper pigment. For those who have been tanning routinely or for those with naturally darker skin tones.

Tiki Image Level 4 Tanning Bed
Tiki Image Level 5 Tanning Bed


Ultimate Bronze

Our level five tanning beds and booths are ideal for those with well established tans and a medium to dark skin tones.​

  • Long lasting tans

  • High Intensity

  • High end beds equipped with voice control, misters, aromoatherpay and more.

Skin Type:  Constantly in Cabo

(Prolong, Deepen Color)

Tanning designed for those that have a well established tan and what a deeper, longer lasting color.

Elite Level

Hybrid S | Xtra Sun

Experience the highest level tanning bed available. These sunbeds are designed to give you the strongest, deepest and longest lasting color.​

  • Red light feature in Hybrid S

  • Air conditioning, Aromatherapy, Luxurious Acrylic

  • Customizable tanning features

Skin Type:  Elite Tanner

(Deepest Bronze)

Get your darkest bronze in the elite level tanning. 

Tiki Image Hybrid Tanning Bed
P9 Xtra Sun Tanning Tiki Image
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