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Sunless Tans

Spray Tanning with Tiki

NEW! Mystic Tan

Automated Airbrush Spray Tan

Get the best of both worlds with the Mystic Tan Automated Airbrush Booth.

  • Private Booth

  • Customizable Color, Tone & Scent
  • No Appointment Necessary

  • Automated Spray Tan

Professional Airbrush Spray Tan Tiki

Airbrush Spray Tanning

The Most Accurate Tan

Get the most accurate, customizable tan from any of our Professional Airbrush Artists. ​

  • Organic Formula

  • 3 Step Prep

  • Customizable Colors

  • Wedding and Competition Sprays

Automated Airbrush Tanning
VersaSpa Automated Spray Tan Tiki Image

VersaSpa Automated Tan

Automated Spray Tan Booth

Pick from 3 beautiful, organic shades and get an instant glow, in complete privacy with our VersaSpa Spray Tan Booth.

  • Private and Convenient

  • No Appointment Necessary

  • Automated Spray Tan 

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