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Hybrid Tanning

Technology Designed for the Elite

Some may call it the Ferrari of Tanning. Discover the Shore's most advance Hybrid Tanning Equipment with the Hybrid S series exclusively at Tiki Image. Customize your tanning session to get the darkest bronze possible, while getting added benefits of red light therapy. A bed like this, was designed and reserved for the elite.

Hybrid S.png
  • Bluetooth Enabled Sound

  • LED Touch Display

  • Voice Control

  • Air Conditioned Comfort

  • Tropical Aromatherapy 

  • 10 Minutes to the Perfect Tan

  • 3 Levels of Tan

  • Red Light Therapy


Tiki Image Hybrid Tanning + Red Light
Tiki Image Hybrid Tanning Red Light Bed
Tiki Image Hybrid Tanning + Red Light

The Talk of the Tan

Our Hybrid S bed is the most advanced tanning technology in the Jersey Shore. You truly will feel like you are in a island retreat in our Hybrid S.

  • AquaCool System 

  • Perfect tan in under 10 Minutes

  • Custom Bluetooth Music

  • In session Aromatherapy System

  • Custom 3 Set Tanning​

A New (Red)volution

Red light therapy is a 100% natural healing treatment with zero noted side effects. Red light boosts and energizes your body's natural defense systems. It has been proven effective for a wide range of healing and rejuvenating uses.

  • Anti-Aging collagen boosting

  • Cosmetic rejuvenation reducing fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks

  • Improve complexion and pore size reduction to alleviate acne

  • Reduces redness for rosacea and eczema

  • Boosts melanin to surface for a quicker, richer tan

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