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Tiki Image VersaSpa Spray Tanning


Stay Golden with Automated Spray Tans

For those who prefer privacy and convenience, we offer the VersaSpa Automated Spray Tan.The booth uses the exact same system of high-pressure spray tan solution as you would see an airbrush artist using so you'll get the same results. The VersaSpa Spray Tan booth offers 3 spray tanning shade options to complement any skin tone. 

First Time? Try VersaSpa for Only $19
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Automated and private booths allows you to spray tan quickly and discreetly for your comfort.

VersaSpa Spray Tan Tiki Image

Our system walks through each step and you have your choice of 3 levels of tanning.


Stop in at your convenience for a quick spray tan. The whole process can be complete within minutes. Good for on-the-go general spray tanning.

Get the Most Out of Your Session!

Pre/Post Session Prep Tips to Get Your Best Spray Tan

Tiki Image VersaSpa Spray Tanning

Get Your First VersaSpa or Mystic Spray Tan session for only $19 at Tiki Image.

First Time Sunless?

Private Spray Tanning Booth

Best Deals with Club Tiki

Get the BEST of Sunless Tanning!



Unlimited Versa plus Mystic light and medium sprays with $5 dark sprays along with 1/2 price automated airbrush essentials!

Single Sessions Starting at $29

I fell in love with Tiki for several reasons. The prices are amazing. Certainly best value in NJ. The girls are all so sweet. It's refreshing to go to a tanning salon where the staff isn't full of rude girls. There is a variety of things in the salon such as tanning beds, spray tanning, fit wraps and much more. The hours and locations are all convenient and I really wish I had known about Tiki years ago!
Brittany L
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